Below is a list of my favourite pieces of software that I use for various things

Sound & Video


  • ImgBurn – Burn images straight to DVD/CD
  • Spotify – Great program, with a huge database of songs to stream
  • SpywareBlaster – Spyware is a part of the internet life, use this program to prevent installation in the first place
  • Hijackthis – This is a small installation which checks if you have spyware/malware installed
  • – Hijackthis logs aren’t easy to decipher. Run your log in here, and it’ll tell you whats good or bad
  • Microsoft Security Essentials – Actually a very good Anti Virus product


  • Apache – Open source web server
  • PHP5 – Open source programming language
  • Mysql – Open source web database
  • FileZilla – Great opensource FTP server
  • Microsoft Virtual PC – Don’t have access to a spare physical PC? Use Microsoft’s Virtual PC
  • Paint.NET – Open source application to implement images
  • Mozilla Firefox – Internet browser created by Mozilla, highly customizable and fast
  • Opera – Opera’s internet browser
  • Safari – Apple’s internet browser
  • Google Chrome – Ultra fast browser created by Google

Windows Server

  • Windows Server 2003 Enterprise – Microsoft’s first server for Active Directory, very robust operating system
  • Windows Server 2008 Enterprise – Based upon Server 2003 this OS is much more compatable with devices and technologies
  • WSUS – Download Windows Updates in one central server, then distributes across computers
  • AppDeploy – Creates MSI’s, which can then be deployed via Active Directory
  • IIS – Microsoft’s web server
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